Lindegaard on new season

Former Manchester United goalkeeper Anders Lindegaard believes that Manchester United can challenge for the title next season.

He feels that Jose Mourinho knows his best team and that he will be looking to strengthen over the summer.

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Anders Lindegaard remains on the bench even with Preston North

It seems like in almost every club that the Danish shot-stopper Anders Lindegaard joins, his time is spent on the sidelines as a substitute player.

On January of 2016, Lindegaard completed his move from West Bromwich Albion to Preston North End and one of the main reasons of why the 32 year old player opted to make this transfer was to get more time in the actual pitch.

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Simon Grayson Denies same Pay Grade to Robby Keane

Simon Grayson has denied that Preston North End is going to offer Robby Keane the same kind of salary that he was getting every week back in the United States.

As per Grayson, the only thing for which Keane can think of coming to Preston is that he will get to play some quality Football here in the English second tier.

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Retired Liverpool skipper, Jamie Carragher says he would go for Spanish no. 1 David De Gea if given the opportunity to sign a goalie for the Reds.

Reacting to Liverpool’s abject collapse against Bournemouth on Sunday – from being 3-1 up to losing 4-3 within the final fifteen minutes – the former skipper feels although his beloved team’s problems are multi-faceted, current keeper Lloris Karius shares a huge junk of the blame.

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