Anders Lindegaard has praised Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson by saying that the Manchester United manager has not achieved success overnight, but has rather achieved it by building the foundations over a long period of time.

Ferguson just crossed on his 25th anniversary at Manchester United, which is an incredible achievement in this day and age when managers are being sacked at constant intervals. Even if managers are not sacked, they move on to new pastures if a pay rise is offered. Thankfully, this has not been the case with Sir Alex Ferguson, and Anders Lindegaard has been quick to point this out.

In his 25 years at Manchester United, Ferguson has been able to lift an incredible 24 major trophies, and has turned around United’s fortunes on the Premiership betting markets. Further, a stand has been renamed in his honour, a feat never before achieved in recent times.

Anders Lindegaard was impressed. “Having one of the biggest stands in the world named after you says it all. I would be thrilled if I could have just one seat out there called Anders Lindegaard’s seat. Ferguson has created this club almost from the bottom and he’s the biggest manager in football history.”

Anders Lindegaard arrived at Manchester United only recently, but he has been able to make a constant fight with David De Gea for the number one spot. The latest Man Utd betting puts him at 2/1 to become the first team keeper ahead of his Spanish rival.

Lindegaard can rest assured that Ferguson does not have any favourites and cares only about the performance of the team more than anything else, which means that good performances will be rewarded – he just has to make sure he shines when he does get his chance.

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