Simon Grayson Denies same Pay Grade to Robby Keane

Simon Grayson has denied that Preston North End is going to offer Robby Keane the same kind of salary that he was getting every week back in the United States.

As per Grayson, the only thing for which Keane can think of coming to Preston is that he will get to play some quality Football here in the English second tier.

Speaking on the reports that Preston is making desperate attempts to rope Keane in, Grayson said, “Look, we have our eyes on every player who is on sale and who suits our needs and Robby fulfils both the conditions at the moment, but, then we have our budget as well and we can’t go beyond that to be honest, be it for anyone.”

“For Robbie to make a move to Preston, it can’t be because of the money. That I can tell you because we are not going to go to him with an amount which he would have never seen before. If he arrives, it’s only because of Football and nothing else.”

Keane may actually be ready for a slightly lower salary because that’s something he would have expected anyway. A player of his age, however good a player he might have been, can’t just fetch money after remaining away from the European game for such a long time.

Yes, he was playing in MLS, but, with all due respect, that competition is still a fair bit behind when it is put in comparison with the top tier competitions taking place in the different countries of Europe.

So, Preston, even if its offer is not heavy, has a chance.
Right now, Keane is in United Arab Emirates and yesterday he was clicked doing some training with the first team of a local club there.

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