West Brom coach Tony Pulisopines that the transfer market would pick up gain when the top teams in the league complete their summer recruitment plans.

He says when the top six pay for their targets, there is more money available for other teams to get theirs.

After a flurry of market activity early in the window, transfers have slowed down. This past week, just NemanjaMatic joined Man United from Chelsea in the Premier League. There are three more weeks before the deadline, Pulis says this is when smaller sides would do their business.

“There’s no doubt that when the bigger clubs finish their business there’s more money around and more options to buy and take players. I’m not saying they’ve finished their business [with the slowdown in the market]. I’m sure they are looking for more players. We have to be patient, that’s the big thing,” he said.

Pulis is used to snapping up players from top sides just before the market closes. He lured Darren Fletcher, Jonny Evans and Anders Lindegaard from Old Trafford and NacerChadli from Tottenham. So far he has gotten just Jay Rodriguez from Southampton and Ahmed Hegzai from Al Ahly. Rodriguez cost £15 million while Hegzai is on loan from the Egyptian side. However the fans want more if they are to achieve their dream of continental ticket at the end of the season.

There have been reports that The Albions want to tap Kieran Gibbs from Arsenal and Ben Gibson from Boro but nothing so far.

“For us at West Brom, we sat at the top table but we don’t really eat at the top table. We allow the top seven clubs eat first and the scraps that fall off the table, we’re there ready to pick them up,” the manager said recently.

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