The 29 years old Danish goalkeeper of Manchester United signed for the English Premier League club in August of 2012 with a contract that extends until 2016 although he has barely seen any time on the playing fields.

Consistent performances from the Spanish goalkeeper David de Gea have kept Lindegaard just watching at the horizon with nothing else left to do then just watch from the bench. He made a fairly disappointing performance when he played in December of 2012 in United’s match against Reading that saw Sir.

Alex Ferguson’s team barely edging a victory as the final scoreboard displayed 4-3 with Lindegaard being to blame for all 3 goals. From there on out the only chance he has had were in moments when David de Gea picked up an injury of some sort.

Manchester United have long searched for someone to replace the legendary Edwin van der Sar and sought out to find the best they could manage and for a while it was believed to be Anders Lindegaard as de Gea had a very difficult start with the club but as time passed by the Spanish goalkeeper kept on improving meanwhile Lindegaard just continued his form and playing style.

For the moment, the man in which David Moyes and most fans believe to be the best pick is hands down David de Gea and this is evidenced by some stellar performances he’s managed to make.

The future does not look like it is going to change anytime soon for Lindegaard although he seems rather comfortable being where he is right now with no rumors being spreaded about leaving the club or anything of that manner. The latest online betting from the likes of Unibet suggest that Lindegaard will be moving on sooner rather than later.

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