There is no doubt whatsoever that David de Gea is the main goalkeeper for David Moyes not only in the current campaign but for the upcoming seasons as well. The Spanish goalkeeper is just 23 years old and already has secured his starting place in the club that has won the Premier League title more than any other club in England.

De Gea is even being taken into consideration for the Spanish national team as the true successor of Real Madrid’s Iker Casillas and Barcelona’s Victor Valdes. It is becoming more evident as each day passes that Anders Lindegaard will forever have a place on the sidelines of Manchester United unless De Gea gets injured or leave the club.

The Danish goalkeeper Lindegaard admitted earlier in the year that despite not been a consistent performer for Manchester United, he is still happy playing in his childhood club.

“If I see it through my own eyes I would say ‘Jesus Christ I am not playing, why is that’, then it would be easy to get frustrated,”

“The question is do I have to compromise that dream and seek elsewhere. Right now the decision is to stay here and help the club. That is the most important thing. If I was sitting watching the games on the couch I would be very disappointed. That is how it is. It is both praise and a curse.

“You have to remember how lucky you are. How many football players can say they are part of their biggest dream? I am not stupid. I can see I could use some more games somewhere but right now I am helping this club as much as I can.” Lindegaard stated.

Those were the words that Lindegaard said in January and he still has not made a single appearance for Manchester United in the Premier League and things do not seem like they will be changing anytime soon but it seems like the Danish goalkeeper is happy staying on the sidelines of the club.

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