Burnley not playing with a fearless approach: Sean Dyche

Sean Dyche reckons that his team has not been able to play with the fearless approach that they played with the previous season. Burnley had surprised a lot of people with their performance the previous season as they had finished in the top half of the Premiership table, but this season, they have been nowhere close to that level yet as they are positioned in the demotion zone right now.

After being reduced to another defeat yesterday by Crystal Palace, Dyche conceded that it’s the approach problem more than anything else. The fearless approach is nowhere there to be seen. The boys are now starting to play with fear and it’s something which is normal if you haven’t had the results going your way which has been the case with Burnley.

According to Dyche, the expectations in the on-going season are a lot higher than they were the previous season. The previous season, when there weren’t many expectations, there was no pressure. This time there is pressure and that’s something the players are struggling to cope with. They are not enjoying the game anymore and are instead just looking to get every game out of the way somehow. They just want to come through somehow.

“There’s a lot of demand on this season, a different kind of demand that is new to the players and new to the club as well.” Dyche was quoted saying by TRIBAL FOOTBALL.

Dyche said that he has seen such phases himself during his playing days and even while coaching he has seen teams going through phases like this. Dyche reckons if Burnley gets a close result in their favor at this stage, it will give them that dose of confidence they need and this whole scenario will change if the players get their confidence back.

“It’s strange Football, you nick a lucky win and all of a sudden it looks different.” Dyche said.

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