Pressure mounts for Pardew

A lonely goal from Peter Crouch gave Stoke City their first victory of the season as Stoke City received Newcastle United at the Britannia Stadium and Crouch’s goal secured all 3 points for his team. This defeat however, puts on more pressure to Alan Pardew as his future is at risk after sustaining yet another loss in the Premier League.
Newcastle United have not won a single match in the English League and the owner of the club, Mike Ashley could be thinking about sacking Alan Pardew from his managerial role in the team.
Mike Ashley spoke to a national newspaper a few days before Newcastle United played against Stoke City and said: “If we lose against Stoke on Monday night he’s gone. I’ve had enough. What would you do? I’ve spent a lot of money on that club, it’s cost me a lot. I won’t put up with it anymore. One more loss and he’s gone, he’s over, finished.”
When the match was over and Newcastle United did indeed lose against Stoke City, Mike Ashley went on telling the media that his initial comments were meant as a joke and nothing was serious.
Alan Pardew and Mike Ashley are believed to be having meetings and reunions throughout this week concerning the future of the manager as if whether or not it was a joke or not. Even if it was a joke, a series of changes have to be done so that Newcastle United can start getting positive results.
Newcastle United snatched the 10th spot in the last season of the Premier League and this time around they are crawling at the bottom of the English League struggling to score goals and capture a much needed triumph.

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