Lindegaard believes that Manchester United has forsaken their principles

Anders Lindegaard used to perform with Manchester United from 2010 until 2015 but he could never truly make an impact as he was mostly sitting on the sidelines as a substitute player with the former coach of Manchester United, Louis van Gaal preferring to utilize the services of Victor Valdes and Sergio Romero during that period of time.

The Danish shot-stopped eventually decided to leave Old Trafford after having to miss out from so many games and he eventually went on to join West Bromwich Albion and he is now currently playing in Preston North End.

Earlier in August, Lindegaard has voiced his thoughts concerning some of the latest things that has been going on in relation to his former club Manchester United and the Danish player believes that the Premier League club has abandoned their principles and values after having offloaded £93.8m in order to sign Paul Pogba.

“This is definitely a new chapter. United is a different club to when I was there. It’s run in a different way and built on different values. It is a completely different thing now from when I first arrived. Unfortunately this is just a natural development with how football is going and it doesn’t change my feelings for them’’

‘’Everything is about money and I know United have spent a lot of money over the past decades which is a big part of why they’re so successful but it’s just getting more and more extreme. You can’t prevent it so I guess you just have to embrace it and do as well as you can in that environment.” Former Manchester United player, Anders Lindegaard said.

Lindegaard continued on talking about Manchester United as the shot-stopped said that they are going to be successful under the tutelage of Jose Mourinho. The Danish player is certain that Mourinho will be able to start winning major pieces of silverware with the Premier League club.

United are going to be successful under Mourinho. They have obviously spent a lot of money but have bought quite wisely and with Mourinho’s track record in how he performs in his first year at clubs I’m sure United are going to push for the title’’ Lindegaard added on.

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